Almost Enough

Sometimes I bite off more than I can chew. So, I regret not having 30 charms to send today, but I am sending 21 anyway. Hopefully it is a gift the family will be able to use and make a little money from. 



I could make more, and II might make more later on. But my kitchen table is overrun with beads and I want it overrun with fabric. I want to see dresses for my little girl!


 And maybe even something for my darling boy…

 So,  trying to wrap up the beading projects and move on to sewing. I hope to have something cute in cotton to share with you next time. 

Oh, speaking of cotton… I crocheted these last night for Bug’s Elmo doll. Now he has clothes!



A Project With Heart

I started making some car charms, inspired by my dear Mother-in-Law that loves both the Seahawks and Angels. Before no time, I was making them for friends with all kinds of logos, which led to my latest project: A Project with Heart.

First I’ll show you the sports charms:




You get the idea. Well, a friend of mine had mentioned that she would like one if it was for CHD (
A CHD means a child is born with an abnormally structured heart and/or large vessels.) I had already wanted to donate money to support her family as they have had to put their baby boy through various surgeries already, but I never had the cash on hand. So I decided to make some more car charms for her to raise support and awareness for her little boy and possibly for other kids at the children’s hospital with similar conditions.

I wanted to just give her 10 charms so she can raise $100. But she loves them so much that she thinks she can sell 30! My little project is growing. So I’m trying to figure out cost for the supplies. I’m not great about keeping track of numbers, especially while crafting. So I decided to write down all of the parts. 26 separate pieces go into these little charms! I was surprised!


The charms I worked on last night were not printed on photo paper. I didn’t even really think about it until I started to wonder if I should seal the back of the paper before applying adhesive. (I was worried the E600 adhesive that I like to use might make the ink bleed. And it might, according to fellow crafty bloggers.) I had already applied the clear epoxy domes, and I don’t want to waste them. So I’ll leave that first batch as is. But the ones I printed today are just a little bit clearer and brighter.



The thing about being an artist or a crafter is that your process is always adapting and getting better. So, hopefully I can live with the less than perfect printing in order to get these done at as low a cost as possible. Anyway, I thought I’d share. If you are interested, I can let you know when the charms go up for sale by my friend. Or, if you want a different kind of charm, just let me know. 🙂

The Nursery Home Office

I’m not completely at peace in my new home office, sitting on the edge of the futon, reaching to peck the keys. But at least here, I have a little space to myself. The pastel art walls might become soothing, and the seascape up on the wall may comfort me as well. The restless child, however, might have trouble adjusting to the blue glow in the corner, and some of this stuff just has to go into storage:

• The heirloom cradle, unused and outgrown.
• The giant wagon, so nice for a picnic at the park, so large and in the way for those cozy winter nights!
• The winter clothes, or summer clothes, or whatever clothes do not fit right now.
But not this bookshelf, which doubles as my desk, and not the curtains, which (in my humble opinion) make a house look more like a home and less like a rental.
I will probably take the trash out more often, and get to the girly pile of clothes when they smell. It will work.
I can tutor and type and create custom curriculum. I can virtually assist people and work on the webpage I am designing for a friend.
But this futon sitting thing—I’m not sure about that. My back is aching just from this little blog post. Oh well. For every problem, there is a solution.

Busy Money Making Mama

I haven’t been blogging much lately, because I’ve been trying to earn some money from home.  It’s been keeping me pretty busy!  Here are some things I’ve been working on:

Craft Bazaar Items:  I’m planning on at least three holiday bazaars, so I need to make a lot of things to sell.  So far I’ve crocheted Barbie dresses, drawn 1″ designs on tiles for necklaces, assembled scrabble tile necklaces, crocheted washcloths, and made greeting cards.

More crochet:  I’ve also made a couple scarves, which were both sold before I finished them.  So I should probably make more of those.  Also, I have started a lot of crochet products that just didn’t work out.  Oh, and I have been commissioned to make the cutest minnie mouse outfit (3-6 month).  I plan to make two so I can sell the other.  I’m getting paid $25 for that.

Tutoring:  I have been hired by to work as a tutor of English and of Microsoft Word.  I took the test to tutor Excel as well, but I was 2 questions away from meeting the qualifying score.  So I will have to take it again after I brush up on my Excel.  This will be my main job as I can work up to 30 hours a week.

Virtual Assistant:  This is the job I was most excited about and in which I was most disappointed.  It is very little pay for what you do.  The jobs are only supposed to last 15-20 minutes each, but they all take longer if you want to do a good job.  And I want to do a good job.  So far I’ve made just over $6 and I don’t know if I will be continuing.

Music:  I’ve also hung my shingle out to give beginning piano lessons and voice lessons, but so far I don’t have any students.  That’s ok.  I’m pretty busy, as you can see.

Teacher pay Teacher:  I just discovered the new product request section of teacher pay teacher.  I am very excited about this because I love creating custom curriculum.  So right now I am pumped about possible making some clipart for the digraph CH-.  I’m going to make a list of CH words.  Would you like to help?  Just comment below!



















Ten Later in Life Lessons Learned from the Little Mermaid

1) You really should listen to your dadddy.
2) Octopus demon ladies are still scary, even when you are 34 years old.
3) You can fast forward through parts you don’t like when you are an adult.
4) 16 year olds don’t have great judgement when they have a crush on a guy.
5) Having a bunch of stuff does not make you an expert on such stuff.
6) Singing really does matter.
7) Daddy’s really will sacrifice anything and everything for the safety of their daughters.
8) The music that I thought was really good in fourth grade is still good music. Kids deserve more credit than we give them when it comes to taste.
9) Sebastian had to be wearing dentures, because there is no way that his lobster teeth were that pearly white.
10) No matter how much you adore your sixteen year old daughter, there is no way you should ever support her marrying a full grown man after her knowing him only three days.

Just Sayin’.