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Hello World / Amazon is Taking Over the World

Welcome to! This is my very first post. Well not really.  I’ve had blogs before.  But this is the very first post of my new blog. (If you go back, you can see two posts from my previous Mama Shauna blog which were just little love letters to my firstborn.  He’s just so cute, I had to leave them!)

Why start a new blog?  Well for a couple of reasons, I guess.  I feel like I am starting a new chapter of my life.  I am a mom of two very young children.  I’ve recently resigned from teaching elementary school.  And I’m ready to start something new.  I’m not sure what that something is.  Exciting, right?  More like scary as hell.  (Sorry for the cussing, Grandma.  I’ll try to keep it at a minimum.)

Another reason for starting a new blog is because I’m going to be doing something different with this one.  I have signed up to become an Amazon Associate.  Shop on Amazon to Support Mama Shauna. Now, for part time work, I doubt it’s going to pay much.  But, like a salesperson, I might mention things that I think you will like to buy and if you click on the link I give you, I might make a very small commision on things you buy after clicking the link.  In my old blogs, I’d provide links to buy things just because I thought it was the nice thing to do.  Back then I didn’t know you could make money doing it.  From time to time, I might also post an offer that Amazon has going on.  For heaven’s sake, don’t buy stuff just because I mention it.  But if you are going to sign up for Amazon Prime (or another posted offer), click my referral, and I’ll get a couple bucks.  And if you want to start a baby registry, click Shop Amazon – Create an Amazon Baby Registry my link to do it.  Free for you.  $3 for me.  I use Amazon to shop all of the time, since I have Prime. I get my diapers and wipes delivered to me monthly through Amazon mom, and I buy my Disney movies on Amazon Instant Video. Yes, I’d rather support the local economy. But I live in a rural area and I have two tiny kids. It’s much more convenient to order my products online. Amazon – Shop. Connect. Enjoy. All from Earth’s Biggest Selection.

evil claw mama shauna

A few other notes:  This blog will contain information about my attempts at parenting, crafting, and (yikes!) trying stuff out in the kitchen.  I may also post reviews of things I’ve gotten for free from Influenster or some other place.  And, if I ever reopen my Etsy shop, I’ll probably keep you in the loop about that, too.  I expect my interests to evolve as my children age, so I expect the blog to evolve as well.  I may go days or weeks without posting.  But if I go months, I’ll probably take a blog-vacation and close the blog rather than make you wait and wait.  Stagnant blogs are no fun.  It’s likely that I’ll be blogging from my phone and make really sad typographical errors that will make my high school English teacher friend wince with pain.  Feel free to comment and correct me.  I’ll fix it and then delete your comment, and you will have made the world a better place (or at least a place that is easier to read.)

And… if you are still reading.  I’ve thought a lot about my target audience.  Is it crafty 30-something mothers like me?  Is it crocheting women that are older than me?  Or my 695 Facebook friends?  The people who read this the most will probably be family, and mostly I don’t want to offend family.  But I might.  And I’m sorry in advance if what I write hurts or offends anyone.  When asking for advice on what to make my new blog about, most of the feedback I got was to be me, authentically me.  And I am in no way perfect.  Not at all.  So I’m going to try it.  We’ll see how it goes.  Thanks for reading!  –Mama Shauna

Note to self–Ideas for future posts: chasing down the mail carrier, taking a shower, Amazon Mom, Amazon Prime, Influenster, move over the best posts from my former blog.


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