This evening I clicked “like” on a friend’s silly status message. I’ve been liking things a lot. I had no idea why he posted that, but it caught my attention and I “liked” it.

Within seconds, I got a notification that I had a private message from this friend. (A friend in real life, even. Not just a facebook friend.). Here it is, and you’ve probably had something like this happen to you.

Yep got you too! You should not have liked or
commented! Now you have to pick one
of the 14 below and post as your status.
This is the 2014 cancer awareness
game. Don’t be a poor sport; choose
your poison, and change your status: 1)
Damn diarrhea! 2) Just used my boobs
to get out of a speeding ticket! 3)
Anyone have a tampon? I’m out! 4) How
do you get rid of foot fungus? 5) Why is
nobody around when I’m horny? 6) No
toilet paper! Goodbye socks! 7)
Someone offered me a job as a
prostitute, but I’m hesitant… 8)I think I’m
in love with someone. What should I do?
9) I’ve decided to stop wearing
underwear. 10) It’s confirmed…I’m going
to be a daddy/mommy. 11) I really don’t
know how to tell anyone and I’m sick of
hiding it…I’m gay. 12) Guess it was to
good to be true…I’m pregnant! 13) I just
won $1000 on a scratch off! 14) I’ve just
found out I’ve been cheated on for the
past five months. Post with no
explanations. Sorry, I fell for it too! Good
grief! And you can’t unlike it ._. Rules are

I texted the friend back, letting them know I wasn’t going to pass on the message or post an idiotic status to my page. Then we exchanged some silly smiles and facebook stickers. Finally I decided I could create a parody of sorts that I could copy and paste as needed for when I “like” other people’s “awareness” posts. My friend just rolled their eyes, but I kind of like what I wrote. So I’m going to share it with you.

Hi there, you fell for it. I baited you by liking a status that you posted to supposedly promote breast cancer awareness. Now you’ve told me to post something stupid on my page and I’m not going to do it. (I’ve plenty of my own stupid stuff to post.) The good thing about breaking this chain letter is that there is not any evil that will come from breaking it. And I can still promote awareness. I am very aware of breast cancer as my grandma had it before she died of cancer elsewhere in her body. My other grandma is a breast cancer survivor, as is my husband’s mother, her mother, and my former boss. My favorite boss also passed away recently from cancer, and brain cancer has recently hit very close to home in my church. Brain cancer also took my grandmother’s second husband who made her the happiest she’s been in her life.

How about this: Instead of posting lies about ourselves on facebook to get attention, we post the truth. We share our experiences and we take the time to lift up others who are currently suffering through chemo and radiation. We chip in a dollar to the coin jar for the local kid with cancer. We pray for a cure, for survival, for strength.

I get it. We need to be aware. But I think we are now aware and we need to move on from these silly games.

So there you have it. There you go.


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