No Crying Over Spilled Milk

Today I took my little ones to Hermiston, Oregon to procure some local honey, pick some fresh, ripe blueberries, and meet my new favorite artist at the Lavender Festival.

First, we stopped at Bellinger Farms. I loaded up the double stroller and went inside to browse their little shop. There was a small produce section, but most of the items for sale were prepackaged, jams, jellies, preserves, mustards, and other condiments. There were samples throughout the store, so I tried some sauces. One of the jellies had bourbon as a first ingredient and Pendleton Whisky as the second ingredient. Whoa Nelly! We left with one Walla Walla Sweet Onion, two apricots and some local honey. They say local honey helps with allergies. I sure hope it does!

But what I was really looking for was u-pick berries. A facebook contact hooked me up with a local farm and with the help of Google Maps, we were off again (pausing briefly to drive by a garage sale, of course). We found the blueberries and I introduced Bug and Sunshine to the joy of picking your own food. Except Sunshine doesn’t eat food yet and Big wouldn’t try them. Oh well! More for me!


Everywhere we went today, people asked me about my stroller. I like it, but if didn’t realize how much other people would like it too. It’s a Graco Reasy to Grow Click Connect Double Strollerthat fits in my car, which is more than I can say for the beast of a double stroller it replaced! We bought it at Toys R Us with a coupon. The best thing, other than the fact that it folds flat enough to fit in my car, is that you can arrange it in 12 different ways for your growing kids. It’s a sit and stand, but with lots of options.

One thing I didn’t realize before I bought it was that it uses a new system called click-connect. I bought my first Graco system in 2012, and this new system was sold starting in 2013. So my classic connect seat doesn’t fit in the space that it’s supposed to up top facing the parent pushing the stroller. If I would have known this, I would have purchased the Graco Ready2Grow Classic Connect instead.  By the way, mine isn’t an LX version. From what I can tell all the specs seem the same, except for color. The one I bought is a Babies R Us exclusive. You can go to the Graco website and compare models. Two more thing things I like about it are lots of storage underneath and cup holders!

After we picked a pathetic amount of blueberries, and spent more on water and raspberries, and changed diapers, and nursed the baby, and got toys for Bug to play with, and looked up the address of the Lavender Festival, we were on our way again. At Purple Ridge Lavender Farm, I learned that the cup-holders on the stroller work well for water bottles and not so much for Red Solo Cups
without lids. Also, the stroller wheels prefer grass or sidewalk to travel or dirt. I reflected on how much has changed due to technology in recent years. I heard about this festival on Facebook, I also heard some friends talking about it, but they hadn’t been impressed.

But when I saw that Brandi Dayton was going to be there, I wanted to take the kids and meet the artist. It was something to do on a sunny day. We started by purchasing our entrance fee and some festival food using a Visa card via a Paypal now triangle attached to an ipad. I have the same triangle that I’ve got to use if needed when selling crocheted items. Later I paid for some art using a similar Square device that reads your credit card and let’s you sign on an iPhone. The quilts in the background looked great online, but better in person, of course. The food was good, one of the singers was great, and there was a lovely scent of lavender in the the air.

As it turns out, I dropped my art cards in the parking lot and someone returned them to Brandi Dayton. She sent me a Facebook message asking if they were mine and she’s going to mail them to me. There is just something so nice about that. It makes me want to become friends with more local people. I love my Facebook friends and my church friends and my book club friends. But I like the idea of being even more connected to my community. It was a good day for community.

We ended up home. And… Bug had missed his nap, and… he spilled chocolate milk into my hand, and… he didn’t want to go to bed. But that’s ok. This is the age of not crying over spilled milk. I had a very good day.



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