Trips with Tots, 101

Tomorrow I’m taking a trip. Days like this, I am so glad that my son, Bug, is not potty-trained. It’s difficult enough to find places to change diapers along I-84, the thought of finding bathrooms on demand seems daunting. I use an app called diaperpedia to help me keep track of which bathrooms along the way have changing tables (or not). The best bets are truck-stops or outlet malls. But sometimes a baby will not wait 50 miles for the next truck stop!

Anyway, I thought I should make a packing list of the things I need to bring. If you are planning a trip with a toddler and a baby this list might be helpful to you, too. I usually bring too much and I forget a few things. So a list can help me stay focused on what I really need. I’m including Amazon links with a lot if these items. Don’t forget that you can save 20% on diapers through Amazon Moms. Shop Amazon Mom – 20% Off Diapers

We are off to see the grandparents, so we won’t to bring too many toys or much food for when we get there. We just need a few distractions for in the car:

1. Ipad with downloaded movie from Amazon’s Instant Video. Since I’m downloading it, I won’t have to be connected to the internet while driving. But it will stay in my library after I delete if from the ipad, to make more room for another movie or more pics of my awesome kids. I haven’t decided on The Lion King or Beauty and the Beast yet. Update: Neither are currently available! Rats! I guess we are stuck with Frozen (Plus Bonus Features) [HD]

2. Infantino – Activity Shapes – Jungle.

3. Binkie and holder from Aesthetic Onion.

4. Two muslin blankets.

Grandma will let us wash clothes as needed, so we won’t bring a lot of extras. However I need to remember the forth of July outfits!

1. Cute bloomers.

2. Baby leggings, both pairs of the patriotic variety

3. Patriotic sleeper

4. 2 pjs for Sunshine

5. Outfits for Sunshine

6. Jacket for Sunshne

7. Black booties

8. Lots of diapers and wipes, wet bag and travel changing pad

9. Vapor rub, saline spray, and baby tylonol.

10. 7 toddler shirts

11. 7 toddler shorts

12. 7 pair socks

13. Shoes and sandals

14. Hat and jacket

15. 2 pair PJs (he has some like these:Batman Pajamas with Cape for Toddler Boys

Then, of course I need:

1. My clothes

2. My vitamins

3.Hairbrush, tooth brushes, Tylenol

4. Laptop, iPad, iPhone, chargers

5. Blue lace-inspired top crochet project, e hook, scissors, and yarn

6. Box of apricots

7. Crackers, trail-mix, applesauce pouches

8. Bottled water

9. Toddler sippy cup

10. Jacket

11. Double stroller20140701-220529-79529275.jpg



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