Make It Monday: Wide Crocheted Headband

She had to do dishes. I had to do dishes. So I suggested a race. We texted each other pictures of our cluttered sinks and counters and began. I lost. Her prize, a homemade headband. I figured she’d win. She had less to do. But I got a couple loads done and now I get to crochet! Win-win, right?

I browsed through one of my favorite sites, Ravelry. And I found a pattern designed by a blogger named Cheryl Murray of a blog called Flower Girl Cottage.

This headband will be wide, and I’m using one of my favorite ombres of Peaches and Cream cotton. The color is called Sail Away Stripes. I’m using a size H hook because it was the closest one when I went to look for something smaller than a J, and also because I do tend to crochet tighter than most, so I often go up one hook size.

So, I had finished a few rows, and thought it’d be nice to listen to some music. I typed “uke music gentle” into the youtube search bar and was not disappointed. I found a Beetles uke cover first, and then some originals on guitar. Here’s a nice one. The Milky Way. This guy has some really well viewed videos on YouTube.

So, I’m finished with my friend’s prize now. I hope she likes it!


I sent her a text message with this silly picture of me modeling it.



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