Almost Perfect… Washcloth Reflections

Hello! If you were a follower of, you might recognize this post. I will be reblogging some of my old posts from time to time… I’d live your feedback. Most blogs I’ve read are interactive, like Facebook. The blogger posts something they find interesting, with hopes that others will, too. Then others can like a post, follow the blog, or make comments. I will try to reply to all the comments, too. Then it becomes a conversation. In this way you don’t just learn something from me… We learn from each other!

Smiles and Sunshine


One thing about creating handmade items is that they are never quite perfect. For my family, I don’t mind too much. My family is forgiving. Family understands that my son might fall down, I might look up, and I might and lose count of my stitches, and might be a stitch short at the end of the project. But how do consumers view mistakes like this?

I would hope that people purchasing handmade items expect little flaws. Of course I want to make my washcloths as perfect as possible. But if a yarn splits or a stitch is missed, I hope they can be as forgiving as my family.

Tonight I finish this set of washcloths for a wonderful lady. I’ve barely known her, and only online, but I can tell she works hard to support other mothers and she loves her family very much. Whether these washcloths will be…

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