Kids: Tricky Techy Tot

Hello! Today I got tricked by my two year old. I brought him and his sister into the house, along with a library DVD in its case. Then I went back out to the car to grab my bags from an impulsive shopping spree at the Dollar Tree.

When I got back, Bug was putting the DVD in my purse. Aha, I caught him red-handed. But when I went to open the case there was no DVD. I was kind of disappointed that the librarian forgot to grab the DVD and put it in the case. And Peter seemed disappointed as well. But then I noticed something. Next to me on the couch was a pocket–a long library pocket… From inside the DVD case!

You know where this is going, right? Now I knew that the DVD was somewhere in the house. And I started scanning the living room. The Playstation was on. I thought:

“You don’t think that he already inserted the DVD into the PS3?”

Sure enough, the DVD was ready to go. Bug had popped out the DVD, loaded into the Playstation, and closed and returned the case to my purse in the time it took me to unload and lock the car. Sneaky fellow!

Anyway, the sign language video is pretty good. It is kind of expensive on Amazon ($21.99), but you can rent it on Amazon Instant Video for just $2. Or look for it at your local library. Here’s the link:

Or learn more at: Baby Signing Time


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