Influenster: Why Join?

Influenster has revamped their site, again.  So, I thought that it would be an opportune time to introduce you two.  (I’m not very good with introductions in real life, so this is good practice for me.)

Hello, Friend.  Meet Influenster.


Influenster, this is my friend.

Ok.  Now that that’s done, I’ll tell you want I think about Influenster.  First and foremost, it is a time-suck.  And, I don’t mean that in an unkind way.  It’s not a terrible waste of time, but it does use a lot of your time.  Kind of like Pinterest, where you click on something, and that makes you think of something, and then you click on something else.  It sucks hours of your life away.

But some people have hours they can devote to such endeavors.  Like my friend from church who just went on bedrest and needs things to occupy her time.  Ok.  So, why do it if it takes time?  The reason I signed up is because I heard about Vox-Boxes from my sister.  Which is a box shipped to you at no charge to you full of stuff for you to review and keep. For. Free.

I like free.  And I worked hard on linking social connections and filling out surveys and reviewing products.  And I got a few such boxes.  Yes, friend.  You can get free stuff on the internet.  And I liked some stuff a lot (digital thermometer, full-sized body wash, Godiva chocolate) and other stuff not so much (press on nails).  And I reviewed it.

That’s basically it.  The thing that I didn’t plan to use, but that I have used are the reviews.  You get enough people reviewing stuff online and it can become a resource in itself.  So, sometimes when I’m debating which brand of something to buy, I will go online and look at the reviews.

I’ve got several invites left for this program.  They used to only give you five at first, and then if you were really making progress, they’d give you five more.  I went through ten, and now I have 19 to give away.

So if you need an invite, let me know.  I’ll need your email, but you don’t want to post it in the comments.  Robots scan blogs for email addresses and then spam you.    Happy influencing!


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