Rug, Take One

So I started that rug project. Right away I knew that in order to get a flat surface, I’d have to shape it like the top of a crocheted hat. So I started the ring and then crocheted two in each stitch on the next round and then switched to two, then one. I’m sorry if you are not a crocheter, I am talking jibberish. But if you have crocheted lots of hats, you know the pattern. It’s probably Fibonacci or something like that.

Anyway, I could have cut my tshirt yarn a little more neatly last night, but that’s not why I’m going to start over. I’ll ise the t-shirt yarn, but I don’t like this little hole in the middle. So I’m going to make that first ring tighter.

If you are curious, the tshirt strips are tied together and approximately 1.5 inches wide (at some points). The yarn is acrylic. I’m using an I hook as that is what I had handy.


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