Zentangle Challenge

I’m just figuring out these challenges. I think I’m supposed to do the challenge once a week, and tag it with something (???) and upload it somewhere (???). Anyway, the challenge was to use four tangle patterns on these lines. I liked someone else’s a lot. Not in love with mine. It feels unfinished, for one thing.


The patterns, if you want to search for them on Google or Pinterest are facet, fancy nancy, falz, and fandango. Fancy Nancy, the teardrop flowers in the middle was my favorite. Fandango took the most effort, and I totally messed up on Facet and Falz. Oh well. The rule is to go with it.

Oh man! Now I want to zentangle more instead of starting that rug! I need octopus arms!


3 thoughts on “Zentangle Challenge

  1. I have a couple of Zentangle books. My understanding is you can do it daily, ideally, or as often as you like otherwise, and you don’t have to necessarily share it anywhere. You can if you want but it doesn’t seem to be ‘required’ anywhere, at least not in the books I own.


    • Yes, I have a few books, too. And you are correct. I just want to learn more about these challenges to help learn how to do more patterns than I might otherwise. Also, I will like looking at similar tangles to mine to see similarities and difference.


      • Fair enough! I’m sure there’s a lot of web-based content for Zentangle. I should start scanning mine… I did a ZIA today in oils, actually, where I painted a background in colors, just blendy abstract stuff, then used the butt end of a paintbrush to scratch in the strings and the patterns. It’s kind of subtle but when the oil (finally) dries I may go back over with a small brush and do some detail work so it’ll stand out more. Good luck! 🙂


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