Amazon: 3-D Printing for the Masses

So, I get these emails from Amazon Associates telling me what they’d prefer I promote. Basically, I just talk about what I feel like talking about because I don’t think I’ve earned one cent from this program yet. But here’s an unexpected perk: I’m one of the first people to hear about cool new Amazon stuff. Which in turn means that…

My readers will also be some of the first to heat about these new Amazon trends. You hear that? You are special. Well, you are. But probably not because you read my blog. Probably for other reasons. I digress.

Today’s promotion that caught my eye was: Shop Amazon 3D Printing Store – Unleash Your Creativity in 3D Style

How cool is that? Or do you know? I wasn’t sure, so I clicked on the link to learn more. You know all of those news articles talking about 3-D printing? No? You aren’t a tech nerd, are you? Well, there are now printers that print with plastic instead of ink, and they can make anything you design. We are talking art, machines, custom orthotics, weapons, you name it. So Amazon must have a couple (hundred) of these printers and are taking orders. Custom Bobble head of me? Nah? Stocking stuffer for my brother? That’s be fun!

Here are some more ideas that you could use:

1. Cute cat food container in your puss’ favorite colors.
2. Spaghetti shaped dangle earrings for your sister.
3. A one of a kind iPod dock.
4. A spherical sculpture.
5. A beautiful bud vase.
6. A unique picture frame.
7. A new necklace.
8. A bobble head of your boss.
9. A bad-ass bookmark.
10. A sign that reads, “No Solicitation!”


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