WIP: Great-Granny Square Cuddle Blanket

As I’m starting to follow other crafting blogs online, I’m noticing a trend where bloggers post their works in progress (WIP) on Wednesday. These are the things you are working on right now that you are hoping to finish soon. Perhaps by Finished Friday?

Don’t confuse your WIPs with UFOs. Those un-finished objects will need some actual work done on them before the become WIPs. You know, the half finished sweater that you didn’t remember starting, the one coaster that was going to be a set of four, the half-headbands, half-scarves, and lonely granny squares. If it weren’t for Ravelry’s project page, I’d never remember where these projects were headed or what hook to use to finish them. I could write all day about my UFOs, but you don’t care. You’ll probably never see them as finished products. This (pictured below), however, should be finished today. Or tomorrow at the latest.

It started as a baby blanket. I wanted it to be a baby blanket. But it was a little too chunky, and a little too grown-up. Then, I thought I could make it grow into a graduation gift. That didn’t really pan out either, as the intended is not a super big fan of purple. And I wanted the receiver to really like this blanket. Like, favorite blanket ‘like’ this gift.

And then I went to a wedding. It was a beautiful outdoor wedding set under a tall forest of trees and a sunny blue sky. When I saw the wedding colors, combined with the natural setting, I knew my friends would love the colors in the blanket. Wouldn’t you agree?



But my baby/lap blanket needed to grow into a cuddle sized blanket for the new couple. Here it is so far. I just want to add a border and tuck-in and trim the edges. I can’t wait to see their faces when the open their gift!




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