Thinking About Getting Fit

My friend got a Fit Bit a few months auto. It’s a bracelet you wear that tracks your movements and sleep. It links to your cell phone where you can also track how much you eat and drink. And there is a social aspect that let’s you encourage your friends, or harass them. I’m not sure. I just bought mine.

Mine is a tiny Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker, Magenta
Except, I only thought about buying magenta. Then I chose the more conservative black. I’m more interested in the apple version that is rumored to come out this fall. But I needed to seeing I will actually get any use out of this first.

Plus, wearables like these might be on their way out. I read somewhere that wearables are so 2013. That may true. I bought mine 50% off retail at Walmart in the Clearance aisle.

So, this think is basically a glorified pedometer for the price of a couple weigh-in as at Weight Watchers. I think I’m going to try a couple things before returning to WW. I’ve just been to too many meetings. It’s old news, I need something newer.

So… I will clip this thing to my bra, choose one more username and password, and have a tiny LCD screen tell me I’m getting fat. Here I go!


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