WIP: Green Baby Blanket for a Girl

Sometimes I work too hard at making something I hope will be the perfect gift. Sometimes it is because I really care about the person I am making it for, and sometimes it is because I know they are perfectionists, and I know they are very selective about what they like and don’t like.

An example is my sister’s wedding quilt. I spent a year looking for the perfect pattern and fabric before even beginning the work of cutting and sewing. And then there is my brother’s wedding quilt. In his case, I took on a project so big that he just finished celebrating his sixth wedding anniversary and I have strips to be sewn together, still on the closet.

My current project is one I wanted to make very special. It is a baby gift. the mother is a minimalist, so I know she won’t keep something around if she doesn’t find it beautiful or useful. She also prefers soft greens and hues of blues, like periwinkle, for her little girl. She’s not huge on girly things like ruffles and lace.

And its been start and stop on working on projects for her. I just can’t decide. I made a special out of town trip to try to find periwinkle yarn. I found some that was close, but…

Unless I make a dress, everything blue looks like it is meant for a boy. Green’s not much better, but it’s a little better. So, I started working on this:


The yarn is much prettier in person. It is Lion Brand Yarn 860-304E Vanna’s Choice Yarn, Seaspray Mist
It does look a little more true to color on the Amazon website.

Anyway, I just have to start something, or I’ll never finish! The baby is already at least four months old! I still feel bad for giving her older brother a store bought blanket when he was born, and not something handmade.

So, this is my work in progress. I’m hoping I can add in some flowers or lace or something to doll it up before I’m finished.

Update: I don’t know if i can follow through with this! It might become a boy present yet! I do have a baby boy that I will need a gift for soon. I know these are the colors she likes for her daughter, but they scream boy to me, Why are we so stuck in these gendered colors for our kids?

I do like how the blanket is turning out so far. I just wish it was more girly.



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