A Crown Fit for a Newborn Prince

Less than an hour ago, I saw that a Facebook friend had asked me to make crown like one of these pictured in blue. I would give you the reference to where these pictures originally came from, but the links were broken. 20140821-160527-57927460.jpg

I turned to my go-to site for crochet patterns, http://Www.ravelry.com. You do have to sign up for a free membership. But they don’t send you ads or annoy you like some free pattern sites do. Ravelry has both free and paid patterns (along with a lot of other great resources for knitting and crocheting,) but you can filter out free crocheted patterns, and that is exactly what I did when searching for a crocheted baby crown. There were lots of options, but this one looked the most like what I was looking for. It led me to a website called Bob Wilson 123 Crochet Tutorials that had several free patterns with pictures and downloadable pdf patterns.

These are the picture from the Bob Wilson 123 site:


As you can see, the boy version has a shorter base in the picture. I chose to make two rows at the bottom. I measured around my newborn sized doll’s head. It was about 13.25″ around. But I know from experience that hats and headbands stretch a lot, so I double checked on one of my favorite resource pages for creating hats.




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