Finished: Blue and Green Baby Blanket (For a Boy)

Sigh. This did not turn out how I was expecting…

The good: it is big enough for a newborn, it is gift worthy (for the most part), I like the colors, I like the reverse single crochet edging.

It was my first time doing reverse single crochet. It was easy and it created a nice clean border. I watched part of this video a couple times to learn how to do it.

The not so good: I wanted to make this for a baby girl. In the end, I will make the baby girl something else. I am sad that I can’t get past the predefined colors for each gender. I thought I was above that. But I see it every day when I dress my baby girl in pink and white and my boy in blue and red. Yes, there is a little cross-over, but not much. My friend liked soft greens and periwinkle for her baby girl. I tried. But this blanket will be gifted to a sweet baby boy. It just seems right for a baby boy to me.

The other “downer” for me was that after the blue portion, which was partially improvised, the remaining rounds were not laying flat. I probably added a few stitches without meaning to, which added an unwanted ripple. I like the blue section, but the border after that makes me want to rip it all out down to the first green square without the borders. I think the edging calmed it down a little. But I would be ok with never seeing this blanket again because I know what might have been.IMG_0445.JPG


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