Zentangles from August

After a day of hanging out with the gal that babysits my kids, I took some time to relax and “tangle” this first piece. It is dated 8-27-14, and I must have been a little off that day, because I signed my name differently than I usually do on my artwork. The babysitter is also an artist and did some work of her own during naptime. It is nice to enjoy the company of one who is ok with a little peace and quiet.IMG_0740.JPGThen, on the 29th, my two year old son really wanted to color. Usually my zentangle (r) stuff is off limits, but I let him have his way with this Apprentice card. He called it, “Daddy, Grammy, Bus!”IMG_0741.JPG
Next, we have a tangle I did during church. I draw them a lot during church as it is one of the few times I have to sit for over half an hour without computer, iPad, phone, or crochet hook. I feel like drawing abstract designs helps me to listen better to the preacher. When I was a kid, I just doodled during church. But Zentangling sounds so much more sophisticated. There are bricks lining the interior of our sanctuary, so bricks often show up during my church doodles tangles.


This one is titled, “After the Interview,” and is dated 8/28/14.



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