My Nanny

Now, don’t get me wrong. I can’t afford a nanny. But I can afford to let a responsible almost-15-year-old ride with me to the big city and pay for coffee, food, and snacks. Oh, and I can make room for her pillow and blanket and stuff so that she can sleep on my mom’s spare bed. In return, I get almost-grown-up company on the road and someone to help me with the kids during our adventures. Pretty cool.

An unexpected bonus is that I get to introduce this country girl to things like Cinnabon and double-decker busses. We will also be visiting some places on my Portland favorites page!

My sweet nanny is wonderful. The kids flock to her. But it’s still challenging to travel with a baby and a two year old. The worst thing is when he misses naptime and then gets cranky in the evening. We aren’t huge on routines in our house, but naptime and bedtimes are pretty much set in stone. Ok, more like hard clay. But clay that is set and not terribly flexible. An alarm is set on my phone for each time and of we are in the middle of something, I give Bug a reminder and then hit snooze. Ten minutes ’til bedtime, Bug.

But when we are traveling, Bug might fall asleep in the car, and wake up five minutes later, thinking he had napped. Not really. For some reason that makes going to bed a lot harder!

Luckily I have had help to get me through and to save me from the loony bin! I think traveling with a nanny is great!



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