Portland Adventures

We started out in Portland on Hawthorne, one of my favorite haunts. We visited the Waffle Window, where my sister used to work. It’s not the same without her, but it’s still pretty awesome to walk up to a window on the outside of a wall and order a gourmet sweet Banana Rama and Spicy Bacon Belgian waffle.IMG_0797.JPG
Afterwards we strolled down to Jackpot Records and bought a She and Him album for my brother and his wife. Then we went to visit them in their new home and to spend the night.

My brother now lives near Alberta, so there is a while new section of Portland to discover. Earlier this week I heard about a popular ice cream place called Salt and Straw in the neighborhood from an old friend who was visiting Portland at the time. The ice cream shop was then recommended by two more people in the next few days. I was told it was one of those places where the lone goes around the corner. Luckily it wasn’t that busy when we went. It did not disappoint. We loved the Almond Brittle Salted Ganache Ice Cream, the Lavender, and the Double Vanilla. I really wanted to try the coffee and bourbon ice cream, but I can’t have coffee too late in the day, and I wasn’t prepared to ask if the bourbon was alcoholic because that just seems like an odd question. Like the answer should be obvious, either way.



There are a lot of little shops that I’d love to discover more, but when you are toting around two kids in a double stroller, you choose your shops wisely. We started out near the Community Cycling Center, which graciously offers public restrooms, and worked our way from 16th and Alberta to 20th and Alberta toward the ice cream. We stopped at some great places along the way: a house called the Make house, where bedrooms have been converted to art studios and the living room into a small retail space, a fancy toy store called Greenbeans, where I got each kid a toy, and a sticker store where a guy chatted with us about living in Pendleton, He kept saying it sounded so peaceful.

Finally we landed at a great art supply store called Collage. I already want to go back. I picked up micron pens, some gray pens to shade my Zentangles, a pack of ATC blanks, and some titles I’ll tell you more about later. Also a cute present for my mom called birds on a wire.

I always love hanging out in Portland. I was glad to have the chance to do it again.


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