ATC= Artist Trading Card

For a while (before kids) I was really into swapping online. I joined Swapbot and bookmooch and I had a lot of fun trading handmade arts and crafts on the former and plain old fashioned books on the latter.

On swap-bot I learned about ATCs, that is: Artist Trading Cards. I made them and I swapped them and I even bought tiny photo albums to contain them. Basically it is a card the size of a baseball card that has art on it. You trade them for other people’s ATCs. You can buy and sell them too, but then they have a different name.

So, when I went to my new favorite place in Portland last week, Collage on Alberta, I picked up some ATC blanks. Here’s an ATC I am ready to give away. Who wants to trade?



3 thoughts on “ATC= Artist Trading Card

  1. Oh Shauna! What have you done? I’m already way behind in all the fun stuff I love to do, and you’ve thrown another temptation in my path! I LOVE this idea! But WHEN am I going to actually do something about it? Hmmm …


    • The beauty of it is, Peg, that you can complete a small ATC in much less time than a larger piece of art. I try to carry some in my purse and then if I am waiting somewhere for a few minutes I can work on it then. Well, that is if the kids are asleep or otherwise occupied!


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