An Ocean View

I pull into the gravel lot
No permit required
A vault toilet and a sandy path

The mother watched her son
Reaching to a tree branch
Laughing at the falling pollen

The steps are long forgotten
Giving way to sand erosion
Blackberry brambles creep onto the path

The boy has to go potty
Inconvenient training takes him
Where is the flush? The water?

My body aches from thinking
How my feet will sink in sand again.
I already dread the returning trip to the car

The mother sighs as her tiny baby demands to be fed
The toddler whines, are you weddy?

Air escapes me as I push my way up glass shard grass
I grunt and groan in pain

She catches up with the boy
Escaping to an unmarked path
Warning him off consequences

I’ve almost reached the top
I know the results
Are worth the hassle of the climb

She gathers her baby
And her boy
Struggles to get them over the dune

Pink sky greets us all
We take a moment
We take in the view

Wind whips around my legs
The mist curls my hair
The vast waters call and comfort me

Her boy reaches down to sand
Perhaps his first time
Her laughter flutters in the wind

I breathe in damp salty air
Stroll past the little family
Reach to grab a sea stone


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