I’ve never been a huge Barbie fan. As a kid, I didn’t really play with her. I mostly dressed her up. Today, I’m 7 years old, again. Playing dress up. I crocheted two outfits. I hope to sell them to be given as Christmas gifts.IMG_1388.JPGIMG_1389.JPG




An Ocean View

I pull into the gravel lot
No permit required
A vault toilet and a sandy path

The mother watched her son
Reaching to a tree branch
Laughing at the falling pollen

The steps are long forgotten
Giving way to sand erosion
Blackberry brambles creep onto the path

The boy has to go potty
Inconvenient training takes him
Where is the flush? The water?

My body aches from thinking
How my feet will sink in sand again.
I already dread the returning trip to the car

The mother sighs as her tiny baby demands to be fed
The toddler whines, are you weddy?

Air escapes me as I push my way up glass shard grass
I grunt and groan in pain

She catches up with the boy
Escaping to an unmarked path
Warning him off consequences

I’ve almost reached the top
I know the results
Are worth the hassle of the climb

She gathers her baby
And her boy
Struggles to get them over the dune

Pink sky greets us all
We take a moment
We take in the view

Wind whips around my legs
The mist curls my hair
The vast waters call and comfort me

Her boy reaches down to sand
Perhaps his first time
Her laughter flutters in the wind

I breathe in damp salty air
Stroll past the little family
Reach to grab a sea stone

An Artistic Risk

It’s easy for me to be hesitant in art. I doubt myself and limit myself based on what other people might think or say. But lately I’ve been learning to set that fear aside and just get on with being creative.

Sunday was an inspired day. I bought a piano! I visited two craft stores. I took a risk buying some supplies that cost way more than they should have. But I used them all right away! I made thirteen necklaces!

Today I photographed those necklaces and placed them on Facebook, available for sale. I’ve already got two interested parties!

IMG_1304.JPG o


IMG_1268.JPGm charging $12 for one or 2 for $20.

Then a Facebook post from Brandi Dayton inspired me. I finally picKed up a canvas and I began to draw! Here it is so far.


Amazing Grace Infinity Scarves

I’m staying at home this year instead of teaching, so I’m trying to find ways to pay the bills without having to leave the kids with a sitter. One suggestion made to me was to sell some crochet work at the holiday bazaars. I like that idea, but in order to do a good job, I need to build up my supply of items for sale. I’m starting with scarves.

A couple nights ago, I started working on a free infinity scarf pattern that I found on Ravelry. I was having a difficult time getting motivated, so I asked my frienda on Facebook to help me get motivated.

Of course, my friends did a great job of complimenting and allowing interest in the scarf. In return, I pushed frequent pictures of my progress. By the time I was done, I already had a Facebook friend ready to purchase the scarf. Here you can see the finished version.IMG_1207.JPGIMG_1205.JPG


I’m happy with how it turned out and happy to have a buyer. But now I still need to build up my stock of crocheted items for sale. My next scarf will be similar, but in blues.


Passing Dreams and Gratefulness

For a few passing hours last night and this morning, I contemplated caring for other children in my home for pay. Call it daycare, childcare, babysitting, preschool… It’s all about the same. And for a few quiet hours, when my own kids were asleep, I thought it might be something I could manage in order to make ends meet so I could continue staying home with the kids. And then they woke up.

I have but two precious angels. The eldest is potty training. The youngest is learning how to eat baby food. Both are very messy.

Today I am grateful for running water, wet wipes, Clorox Wipes, puppy pads, towels, lots of shorts and undershorts, a husband, food in the pantry, a washer and dryer, and an earlier bedtime! Goodnight!