Ten Later in Life Lessons Learned from the Little Mermaid

1) You really should listen to your dadddy.
2) Octopus demon ladies are still scary, even when you are 34 years old.
3) You can fast forward through parts you don’t like when you are an adult.
4) 16 year olds don’t have great judgement when they have a crush on a guy.
5) Having a bunch of stuff does not make you an expert on such stuff.
6) Singing really does matter.
7) Daddy’s really will sacrifice anything and everything for the safety of their daughters.
8) The music that I thought was really good in fourth grade is still good music. Kids deserve more credit than we give them when it comes to taste.
9) Sebastian had to be wearing dentures, because there is no way that his lobster teeth were that pearly white.
10) No matter how much you adore your sixteen year old daughter, there is no way you should ever support her marrying a full grown man after her knowing him only three days.

Just Sayin’.