The Eugene Bucket List

Coffee roasters on 5th St and High

St. Vincent Boutique at 5th Street market

Sizzle Pie-pizza by the slice and bar, open late.


Voodoo Donuts. Cash only, open always. Bucket of day old donuts 10 dollars. We grabbed Oreo donuts, a pink donut, and a ginormous peach fritter from the case for about $8.50.

Cafe Yumm! Beans, rice, cilantro, yumm sauce, yum!

Laughing Planet, yummy big burritos, plastic dinosaurs to play with.

University of Oregon book store/ The Duck Store. Art supplies in basement.

Michael’s craft and art supply.

Joanne Fabrics.

The paint your pottery place.

The U O art museum.

Skinner Butte Park Playground

Hendricks Hill park.

Bucket list:
Red Wagon Creamery- opens at noon.


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